Tuesday, August 23, 2016

New Home Site

After selling lot5 in Pawleys Island we are now ready to build a townhouse in Charleston to complete our long term plans to move there.  Renting on Daniel Island is OK, we love the island, but a single bedroom with noisy upstairs neighbors and a monthly cost in excess of what our new mortgage will be is reason enough to get started.

Here are a few pics of the lot in which our place will be build.  It was taken on Sharon's birthday.  Happy Birthday Sharon :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pictures from the two week vacation this summer

What follows are some photographs from the two week summer vacation with the family.  Mic and Madison joined me (JP) and Sharon and Anna for some fun.  Here are the highlights...

Bodie Lighthouse OBX

Mic at the Diner

Townhouse to be in Mt. Pleasant

Pea Island Lifesaving Station in OBX... the first African American commander

Looks like a runway... well this is the walkway up to the Wright Bros Memorial.  Yup Kill Devil Hill where they tried to launch the first powered aircraft.

Madison on her iPhone

"OMG, I ate that entire plate of food"

replica of the off-shore lighthouse in Manteo, NC  OBX

Manteo's Waterfront Festival Park amphitheater

Mic Finger-mouthing

inside our AirBnB OBX cottage

Are we in the Netherlands?  No that was last October.  We are in the OBX and because of the constant stiff winds up there farmers in the last century build windmills to capture, harness that for energy to run mills and pump water.  This is one that remains on the island of Roanoke close to Manteo.

OBX beaches

NC Aquarium in OBX.. touch tank

Mic gets one

saving the sea turtles.. these were sick or injured, bring back to health and released into the ocean at the aquarium infirmary

Scorpion Fish

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today we moved one step closer to buying in Charleston

We are under contract with CalAtlantic Homes on the Campbell Townhouse in Carolina Park.  We signed today to have them build one for us to be completed in March 2017.

The Campbell Unit (end unit 3BR) ours will overlook a lagoon

Carolina Park is a large new community in northern Mount Pleasant, SC (the bedroom community to Charleston, SC).  Count us now as one of 50 folks that move to Charleston every day.

Sunday, August 07, 2016

A nice bike ride on Daniel Island with Mic & Madison


Madison captures the bike ride snippet with a time lapse setting on her cellphone camera.  It was placed in her cruiser "cup holder" while she rode her bike with dad and brother.

Time in Charleston. Birds of Prey Raptor Concervacy in Awendaw.

Anna, Madison & Mic talking about the "Bald Eagle"

In Rapture by the Raptors; Hot day at the Birds of Prey Park.  Our guide Natalie was extremely knowledgable and engaging.  We were a part of a small group of a dozen folks who went on an hour tour of the grounds to view all the different birds of prey.  Followed by a flight demonstration with a couple of birds who dove out of the sky for bate to demonstrate how birds of prey hunt.

Eagle Screeching

Our national bird; one the Ben Franklin didn't want to use; he opted for the American Wild Turkey;  Bald Eagles are know to steal other birds kills; this was deemed by Franklin to be a characteristic not suitable for a bird to represent our great nation.

An owl now active during the day, because their feeding schedule has been changed by the center.

HoooHooo  HoooHooo


At the Battery in D/Town Charleston.  What is going on?  A Social Media FLASH MOB?  NO.   A gathering of people demonstrating the official Dem and Rep nominees for president?  NO.  Folks out enjoying a historical site in Charleston?  NO.     Degenerates and social inepts out gathering Pokemon Go stuff?  YUP ya got it.

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Doctor Myths that Society Believes

Doctor Myths That Society Believes

Dr. Wise MoneyJuly 28, 2016Read original article
By Dr Wise Money
Doctors are rich.
Are you kidding?
How rich do you feel when you are 36-years-old, just starting your first real doctor’s job, with half a million dollars worth of student loans at 7% interest rate, and have capitalization of interest accrued over your seven years of residency training? You also just moved for the job, have no house, no money in retirement accounts, and your car is 20-years-old?
Time value of money is not on the doctor's side with the delay in critical savings (retirement, college, home, etc.) and the prolongation of carrying high interest debt. Even with one of the highest starting physician incomes of 350k, the post-tax take home could be as little as 200k. Even if one puts $200k of post tax income towards his half million student debt, it would take a few years.
Let alone one needs to save for a house, save for retirement, raise a family, save for kids college, not to mention the catch up component of missing 14 years of two doubling time in investment (assuming 10% annualized return).
So when people say, the big debt is no problem since you've got big income, I wish they would do some math and put themselves in their doctors' shoes.
Doctors are confident.
A majority of my colleagues and I are some of the most insecure people I have ever met. We constantly are surrounded by the smartest, hardest working, most amazing peers, and frequently feel that we might have gotten to where we are (med school, residency, or a job) by luck or worse, by mistake. The impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome is prevalent, constantly undermining our self worth and performance. Too many of us believe that "I’m not as smart or as good as others might think I am."
Doctors are healthy.
Since I started embracing my favorite specialty of medicine, radiology, I have walked 0.5 miles a day. I sit in front of the computer for 10-12 continuous hours with occasional bathroom breaks. I eat my meals really fast because I want to keep learning, working, and taking notes in lectures.
I learned that sedentary lifestyle is as bad as smoking tobacco in causing peripheral arterial disease. I don’t want to know or check how unhealthy I am. I don’t want to read my own MRA of lower extremities… “severe atherosclerotic disease with critical stenosis…”
Doctors are selfish & competitive b*tches and sons of b*tches...
If so, why are we in the profession to serve and care for total strangers? Love unites where hurt divides. Doctors and doctors in training have been an insurmountable amount of hurt from the de-humanizing, grueling, and relentless demands of medical school, residency, and more so nowadays than ever the eventual attending physician medical practice. These demands test our intellect, emotional capacity, mental fortitude, and physical limits. Just ask Dr. Pamela Wible. Why do doctors commit suicide three times more than their patients on average?
Doctors enjoy great lifestyle.
How many non-physician pays $50,000/year for the privilege to work 80+ hours/week and on most weekends and holidays like medical students are expected to do for 4 years?
How many people work 10+ years after graduating from college at wages $0-$17/hr?
How many people work shifts around the clock throughout the year?
Doctors continue to work 60 hours/week after completing training. Many doctors remark that the intensity and demands of their career take a toll on their health; physical, mental, and emotional. Doctors wake up in the middle of the night wondering if they chose the right treatment regimen for a dying patient or if they made the right diagnosis which sent the patient into the OR. Even after working 60-80 hours/week, doctors still have trouble leaving work at work.
To me, a great lifestyle means decent wages to support one’s needs and some of one’s wants.
It also means having the energy and mental capacity after work to enjoy one’s family and earnings. For most doctors, regardless of the stage of training, I don't see that they enjoy a great lifestyle.
Thank you for hearing us doctors out. We too are human. In spite of our surviving an inhumane training process and satisfying the ever so inhuman systemic demands, we need love and support.
Please join us in "Physician Support Initiative" (PSI), a grassrots movement to make healthier, happier, and more effective doctors. PSI aims to raise awareness, empower, and support doctors and their community in maximizing their individual and collective wellness in all of life's dimensions, encompassing personal, professional, psycho-social, and financial health.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Chillaxin' with my honey in Charleston (Daniel Island, James and John's Island)

We took in some house hunting in West Ashley and a dip in our salt water pool at the DI apartment complex.  Also Dinner at LiDi with Adam, Elea, Jolie and Nick Saturday evening and Brunch at the Angle Oak Restaurant.  Also paid a visit to the big old 1,200 year old Live Oak.

Adam and Elea clean up nice.  Here is a shot of em with their Charleston Spartan team mates.

Big Old Angle Oak Tree

One of the coolest little cottages out in Poplar Grove

I saw Sharon & JP kissing in a tree.... K. I. S. S. I. N. G.....



Saturday, July 23, 2016

Blast from the Past... more than 18 years ago. Dr. Saleeby made his film debut (LOL)

Emergency Room Cast of "Kiss of Fire" (aka Claudia's Return) 1998 staring Christina Applegate (on stretcher). Dr. Saleeby is in middle with ER nurses and RTs. A full day of shooting for the last scenes of the movie at Effingham Hospital ER in Springfield, GA.  Film was directed by an Italian director and Applegate's co-star was one considered by many to be Italy's "Tom Cruise".  Dr. Saleeby worked with the director, make-up and wardrobe as well as the director of photography setting up the scene. He also coached Applegate on "how to be resuscitated and intubated".

A dinner last evening with a local movie director at Cindy and Michael's brought back some memories of a movie experience some years ago.  Fun to remember all that and the path taken since.  Life is good.

Tuesday, July 05, 2016


Madison took this video w/ her cell phone.  Some of the many wonderful fireworks we witnessed in Garner NC at the park.  Following the NC Symphony Orchestra performance.


More Pics of Holiday Weekend

Games of BeerPong and Corn Hole
Pool and lots lots lots of food.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Great two weeks

Pictures (and video) worth a thousand words

Madison filming the "Unknown Comic"

Smart Phone edit.... we look like bottom feeders


McLeod Plantation

piggin' out at the Rustic Table

Madison, Mic and Dad at Market Common, taking a break on a swing