Saturday, October 08, 2016

RDU and the Duke Gardens

Koi Pond at M. Duke Gardens on the Duke Univ Campus

Sharon enjoying an outing and the Koi Pond and Lilli pads

Sunday, September 25, 2016

IFM in Baltimore MD

 The conference was held at the very nice riverfront area.  The rest of the surrounding Baltimore area was pretty dirty and dumpy. 
 I did happen upon a Civil War museum that was housed in a train station once used by early recruits when Abe Lincoln decided to go to war with the South.  The first casualty of war was a Northern Private on his way to Washington, DC who was shot by a civilian Confederate sympathizer and resulted in the riots in that city in 1861.

 The campus of Johns Hopkins University Hospital.  Huge and situated in the center of a decaying city.  I tried to enter the campus' main building to have a look around but was halted by security personnel who informed me that I would only gain admittance if I were a patient; visitor of a patient or there for an appointment with a clinic.   One look in the packed dirty Emergency Room waiting room and I realized this hospital (the great medical mecca created by Dr. Wm Osler) was really no different than any other overworked, impersonal healthcare relic.  These towers of what appears the most advanced in medical arts and technology are aging bastions of disinformation and false hopes.. just have a look around to notice a rise in obesity, chronic illness and over-medication.  We need to seek our answers from other places.

 Memorial honoring the 20,000 Polish officers massacred by the Nazis and Soviets during WWII

 The salvation of our healthcare system depends on practitioners such as these that surround me, that subscribe to a new philosophy in medicine that is quickly gaining ground.  It is not a quick fix, patch-up job, it is fundamentally different, addressing root causes that sometimes do not even involve expensive tests, procedures or medications.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A visit to Clemson & Greenville, SC

In October we are traveling up to Clemson and the Greenville, SC area to visit Ryan at the University and to hike in cooler weather.

We are staying at an AirBnB up there:

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Weekend in Durham, NC

This weekend September 9 thru the 11th Sharon joined me in Apex to visit with Cindy (who just celebrated her 50th birthday last week) and Michael.  We were able to visit with Madison most of the weekend and Mic for a time.  His schedule with work (now at Elmo's Diner) and a science project with Jordan classmates ate into our time together but non-the less it was a weekend packed full of activities... Led by our activities director... Cindy.

Saturday we took in the Greek Festival at the convention center and watched some Greek dancers and their market was amazing.  We went to the Raleigh Farmer's Market and had a hearty lunch at the Market's restaurant.  Prior we visited the Apex Farmers Market where we acquired some fresh foods for our main meal on Sunday.  We finished up our food shopping at the larger Raleigh market for dinner on Saturday.  Downtown Apex when it cooled down for a stroll in and out of shops there as Madison wanted to do some window shopping.  With the heat the way it was we took advantage of Cindy & Michael's community pool for a dip when it cooled down a bit.  Then after dinner it was a few board games like "CLUE" and "Apples to Apples" with Madison. 

Monday, September 05, 2016

Labor Day Weekend in Hendersonville & Flat Rock, NC

A mountain escape to Northwestern NC.  Sharon and I planned this trip even before the named hurricane came to the costal area.  Was actually a good thing as we escaped all the wet and wild weather and flooding around Charleston and Murrells Inlet that weekend.

A break from the coast was good and much needed.  To take in the sights and sounds and fresh air of the mountains was good.  Had been a while since we were up here last.  Spent some time hanging with Robin Dampier and looking around a bit.

Discovered the Dragonfly CafĂ©; visited our favorite Mexican (El Paso) and Sushi (Champa) while up here visiting.  Two trips to the Carl Sandburg National Park.. first to hike up Glassy Mt and the 2nd to the main house and goat farm.  We hiked many a trail this trip.

Enjoy the pics:

cute 800 sq ft cottage on a Goat Farm... as Henry David Thoreau would say... that is all ya need.

Carl Sandburg main house in winter (stock photo)

Honesty Tea cap; while imbibing at the Flat Rock Village Bakery

Big Fat Acorn found while hiking to Carl's favorite mountain top

at the summit

on the hike up to the main house

CSHS bridge over the dam at the Lower Lake

cool SUV rear window decal.....

Sharon at the goat farm

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Haffy Birfday Sharon


New Home Site

After selling lot5 in Pawleys Island we are now ready to build a townhouse in Charleston to complete our long term plans to move there.  Renting on Daniel Island is OK, we love the island, but a single bedroom with noisy upstairs neighbors and a monthly cost in excess of what our new mortgage will be is reason enough to get started.

Here are a few pics of the lot in which our place will be build.  It was taken on Sharon's birthday.  Happy Birthday Sharon :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pictures from the two week vacation this summer

What follows are some photographs from the two week summer vacation with the family.  Mic and Madison joined me (JP) and Sharon and Anna for some fun.  Here are the highlights...

Bodie Lighthouse OBX

Mic at the Diner

Townhouse to be in Mt. Pleasant

Pea Island Lifesaving Station in OBX... the first African American commander

Looks like a runway... well this is the walkway up to the Wright Bros Memorial.  Yup Kill Devil Hill where they tried to launch the first powered aircraft.

Madison on her iPhone

"OMG, I ate that entire plate of food"

replica of the off-shore lighthouse in Manteo, NC  OBX

Manteo's Waterfront Festival Park amphitheater

Mic Finger-mouthing

inside our AirBnB OBX cottage

Are we in the Netherlands?  No that was last October.  We are in the OBX and because of the constant stiff winds up there farmers in the last century build windmills to capture, harness that for energy to run mills and pump water.  This is one that remains on the island of Roanoke close to Manteo.

OBX beaches

NC Aquarium in OBX.. touch tank

Mic gets one

saving the sea turtles.. these were sick or injured, bring back to health and released into the ocean at the aquarium infirmary

Scorpion Fish

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Today we moved one step closer to buying in Charleston

We are under contract with CalAtlantic Homes on the Campbell Townhouse in Carolina Park.  We signed today to have them build one for us to be completed in March 2017.

The Campbell Unit (end unit 3BR) ours will overlook a lagoon

Carolina Park is a large new community in northern Mount Pleasant, SC (the bedroom community to Charleston, SC).  Count us now as one of 50 folks that move to Charleston every day.